The Lovetree Co Process

At Lovetree Co, we are dedicated to creating beautiful handmade jewelry and empowering women. We’ve searched high and low looking for our materials. Here’s a little about our process.










We’ve traveled all over India and Nepal, on a mission to find cool and unique pieces to design with. We combed through the streets looking at various sources to find the most ethical and friendly vendors. On our quest we built friendships with the people we are sourcing our materials from. We shared our vision for the women empowerment center and were welcomed with open arms, shared lunches and many cups of tea. It was a very special experience.









Now we are back to the Khusi Hona Lotus Center, and it’s time to get things moving with all our new goodies.  We work with various women from all different backgrounds. It is my honor to be able to train these amazing women! They are eager to learn and as you can see by the products on the website, they are very talented. Every piece is handmade with love and it shows!



lotus-center-tailors    tailoring-2

We are so blessed to have such an amazing tailoring teacher, Naaz. She teaches the young women various tailoring skills, like pattern making, cutting, sewing, surging and much more! They hand make each of the special bags that the jewelry comes in. Soon we will have some of their other creations online to sell as well, so stay tuned! We are up to great things!



lotus-center-bags    tibetan-bags

Each piece we create comes with its own handmade bag. Some of our bags are made from colorfully, beautiful Tibetan fabric we found in Nepal. Another bag we make is made from Khadi – a term for hand-spun and hand-woven cloth. We source the Khadi from a leper community in Northern India. We will later do a full blog post on this special place.

We are passionate about supporting women while creating beautiful things. Follow us on our journey on all of our social channels. Love and Light!